Welcome to my profile Website. My website is in Dutch, but here’s some information about my hobby in English

In short

On this website you will find everything I do with games, this website consists of an information page. On this website you can easily find my work, these are mainly external. But you can also see where I am active everywhere and what I am currently working on.

I play both Retro and Modern titles, I own a fair number of systems, such as Playstation, Nintendo, Xbox and a Gaming Laptop. I am active on Steam, Epic Game Store and GoG.com, I also have a Google Stadia. As you can see on the website, my interest is mainly in games, but also in Electronics and other items.

Feel free to follow me on one of the social media and services below, this helps me grow and makes the hobby even more fun for me than it already is. You can also see where I am active and where I do my work.


In the past I have had a Game webshop, an Entertainment website, I have been on the Radio & TV and I still regularly test products. If you would like to have a product tested, please let me know. I write reviews and blogs in Dutch. But I also try to make fun videos, which I often add to the reviews, such as an unboxing video.

If you would like to get in touch, please send an E-mail to linksquestnl@gmail.com, I try to answer emails, if necessary, within 1 week.